About Us


Our Mission:

To Help Guide and Grow people into mature Kingdom-Minded disciples of Christ who will Go and make new disciples for Christ.


Our Definition of a Disciple:

A Kingdom-minded disciple is a person who makes a conscious decision to enter into a life-long relationship with Jesus where they are continually being transformed by the Word of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, and consistent relational interaction with other disciples of Christ.


Our Vision:

We seek to be an Effective Kingdom Ministry who partners with God to transform the lives of thousands of people living in the Greater Atlanta Region and abroad  by:

  • Guiding people into a relationship with Christ
  • Growing people into mature Kingdom-Minded disciples of Christ
  • Going into local communities and abroad making disciples of Christ who will in turn go out and make new disciples for Christ


Our Values:

  • Love God wholeheartedly; and love our neighbors as ourselves. (Matt 22:37-40)
  • Intercede to God through prayer by standing in the gap for others. (1 Tim 2:1)
  • Boldly teach and proclaim the Word of God with simplicity, clarity and relevance (Acts 4:31).
  • Equip, empower, and encourage people to serve God with a spirit of excellence. (Col 3:23)
  • Reach out to our community and abroad through demonstrating in practical ways the redeeming love, compassion, and kindness of Jesus. (1 Cor 12:12-13)
  • Take the message of the Gospel to our local communities and abroad. (Mk 16:15)   
  • Yield, regularly, to the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. (Gal 5:16)


Our Philosophy:

As a community of faith, we will embrace and model the established EKM philosophy anchored by the Eight E's. They are: 

  • Enthusiasm- We will conduct ministry with a passionate spirit and cheerful attitude of enthusiasm.  (Ephesians 1:3-14)

  • Equip/Empower- We will equip our community of faith with the needed tools to empower them to grow in the relationship with God and others.  (Ephesians 4:11-12.)

  • Engage- We will engage our local communities and abroad by sharing the redemptive message of the Gospel.  (Acts 8:29-30)
  • Embrace- We will readily embrace and demonstrate the love, compassion, and kindness of Christ to people outside and inside of our community of faith.  (Luke 5:12-13)

  • Enhance- We will enhance our ministry effectiveness by applying biblical principles to the operations of the church and its ministries.  (Exodus 18:13-27)

  • Excellence- We will strive to give God our best effort in everything that we do for His kingdom. (Numbers 18:29-30)

  • Evaluate- We will regularly assess the effectiveness of our administrative operation and ministries goals to ensure we are successfully fulfilling our church mission and vision.  (Nehemiah 2: 12-15)

  • EmbodyWe will embody, as a community of faith, integrity, respect, accountability, and a positive attitude towards one another and others as we perform ministry as a unified team (1 Cor 12:12-27)


Our Strategy:

A Kingdom-Minded disciple of Christ grows towards spiritual maturity by actively abiding in the following five biblically based functions of the church:

  • Worship (Acts 2:46-47)
  • Fellowship (Acts 2:42)
  • Discipleship (Acts 2:42-43)
  • Evangelism (Acts 2:38-41)
  • Ministry (Acts 2:44-45)