Our Story

It was an unpretentious beginning. On January 5, 1908 Brother Moses Mangham accompanied by Brother J.T. Clowers and Sister Hattie E. Mangham called on Brother Joseph Johnson at his home to discuss affairs of Wheat Street Baptist Church. What happened after prayer and discussion was something completely different. What happened was the beginning of “The Christian Movement” and the birth of a new church, Liberty Baptist.

Since its inception, Liberty Baptist Church has been blessed by God to have pastors who have provided godly leadership during their pastorate. They are:

Rev. Dr. J.W. Jackson (From 1909 to 1913)

Rev. T.L. Ballou (From January 1915 to December 1915)

Rev. Dr. Ernest Hall (From 1916 to 1925)

Rev. C.N. Perry (From 1926 to 1930)

Rev. James J. Clow (From 1931 to 1936)

Burgay L. Davis (From 1936 to 1947)

Rev. George W. Dudley (From 1948 to 1957) 

Rev. Dr. Melvin Watson (From 1958 to 1990)

Reverend John Cross served as interim minister until another pastor was selected.

Rev. Dr. J. Sherman Pelt (From 1991 to 2013)

Rev. Kewon Foster (From February 2014 to December 27, 2015)