A.O.K. (Act Of Kindness)

We glorify God by making disciples, equipping families, and serving the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are committed to the spread of the gospel by sacrificially serving the world, that they may see the beauty of the gospel more clearly. Jesus selflessly served for the good of others and, learning from His example, we are committed to giving, going, and serving others for the sake of Christ.


On June 28, 2015, fifty plus Liberty members step out of the boat and Walked On Water as we engaged our local community with the love and compassion of Christ. We hit the streets on this past Sunday and handed out over 160 bag lunches to those who are hungry in the inner city of Atlanta. We dispatched six teams consisting of a minimum of five people per team to six different locations within a three to five mile radius of our church. 

Indeed, it was exciting to hear the positive and spirit-filled reports given by each team that shared about their experience while handing out bag lunches. 

Additionally, we would like to recognize and thank each member who served as a prayer warrior over our kingdom initiative. Without your prayers we would not have experience the presence of God in the manner in which we did. There were a minimum of fifteen LBC members who remained at the church in the sanctuary fervently praying for the six teams as they hit the streets for the glory of God.

Again, thank you for dedicating your time to make a difference for the kingdom of God in the life of others.